Terry’s Office Tavern

Is that a car in your front window, or are you just happy to see us?


If you’re from Tacoma, you’ve heard it called by many names. ‘Terry’s Office Tavern’, ‘The Office’, ‘T.O.T.’, or just plain ‘Terry’s’, but one thing there’s never been any confusion about is the fact that Terry’s is a tavern. They sell beer and food. And both are delicious.

This is one of the most welcoming ‘neighborhood’ bars in town. They’ve got their loyal regulars (a lot of them), but whether you’re dropping in on your own for the first time, or staggering into the place with 100 of your closest and sweatiest friends, they’re always friendly and inviting.

We’re excited to see what they do with the remodel, after a recent episode in which the owner of a car decided that the parking lot wasn’t close enough to his favorite bar stool. After stripping off the front of the building, they’ve uncovered the old paint, and it looks pretty cool. Honestly, the exterior was looking a little dated. Maybe they can freshen it up by bringing back the old school look!


Terry's Office Tavern
3410 North Proctor Street
Tacoma, WA 98406

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