About Us

Tacoma Runners is a social running club in Tacoma, Washington.


The Tacoma Runners began in January 2010 with a few words on Twitter. Three people confirmed for an easy run from Tacoma's iconic Parkway Tavern. Seven showed up. Twelve runners came for week two from the Red Hot. Then sixteen the following week. Several thousand runners have joined us over the years. All events are open to runners of all speeds and abilities. We won't lose you.

The easiest way to learn about us is to join a run. Thursday night runs are significantly larger than the Saturday 5k. That said, simply join us.

Key Contacts

Sarah Cutting

When Sarah started with Tacoma Runners she couldn’t run a mile without walking, and she certainly wouldn’t consider herelf “a runner.” Now, 4 years later, she's run several half marathons, with more on the calendar, and even better, she calls herself a runner (without using air quotes).

Derek Young

Derek is the founder and editor of Exit133, a Partner in Seasonal View LLC, and one of the original Tacoma Runners. He often enjoys running in the rain.

Rob McNair-Huff

Rob is Rob.

Upcoming Runs


Tacoma Runners is made possible by the support of great people and organizations.

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