Saturday 5k for Sept. 21, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 9:00 am


This week we head back up to Point Defiance. Join us for Tacoma Runners Saturday 5k # 38. You know the routine by now - register, complete your profile, print your barcode, then come out and run. All are welcome.


Our primary 5k route is in Point Defiance Park along Five Mile Drive. The start/finish is just behind the gate where the road is closed to traffic until 1 p.m. on weekends. The route winds along the closed road past two scenic overlooks before runners reach a turnaround point at roughly two miles into the run. Runners are then guided onto a fire road trail that rejoins with Five Mile Drive for a rolling downhill and then an uphill sweep toward the finish.


Parking is in the upper lot at Owen Beach in Point Defiance Park. As you approach 5 mile drive, take the right fork and head down the hill to Owen Beach. At the parking lot, turn left and head back up the hill. Park in one of the upper lots. Walk to the starting line just a bit further up the hill.

Be sure to arrive early enough to park in the designated area and walk to the start.

Overall Results

Position Time Runner Gender
1 0:22:36 {friends_runner_first}'s photoWade GuidryMale
2 0:22:43 Buddy 2
2 0:22:43 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJeff BogatayMale
3 0:24:02 {friends_runner_first}'s photoShawn PotterMale
4 0:26:56 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJames TylerMale
5 0:27:50 {friends_runner_first}'s photoDebbie McLarenFemale
6 0:29:01 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJennifer Haley
7 0:32:55 {friends_runner_first}'s photoChicago 23Female
8 0:34:15 {friends_runner_first}'s photosteve hammerMale
9 0:40:52 {friends_runner_first}'s photoAnonymous RunnerUnspecified
10 0:40:53 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJason Koffarnus
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoSarah CuttingFemale
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoDerek P. YoungMale
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoRob McNair-HuffMale
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoChristine DiedrichFemale
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoMike BogatayMale
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoBryan BarmoreMale
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoJohn HellmanMale

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