Beta Run # 3 - Saturday 5k for December 22, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 8:00 am


We have two organized 5k Saturday runs under our belt. So, before we officially kick off this series, we want to get a few more tests completed. The official series starts in 2013. This run will be the third test of our software systems. Signage will be limited and there will be a bit of temporary gear being used. This is a beta run. Please be patient with us. That said, come on out and help us get this system going. So ...

Join us for the Tacoma Runners Saturday 5k! All are welcome.

You must have registered on the website and bring your barcode if you want to get credit for this run. You only need to register once for the entire series. Volunteers should also have a barcode to receive credit for being out with us.


The route will be completely contained in the closed portion of 5 mile drive at Point Defiance Park. The start/finish is just behind the gate where the road becomes closed to traffic. Be sure to arrive early enough to park in the designated area and walk to the start.


Parking is in the upper lot at Owen Beach in Point Defiance Park. As you approach 5 mile drive, take the right fork and head down the hill to Owen Beach. At the parking lot, turn left and head back up the hill. Park in one of the upper lots. Walk to the starting line just a bit further up the hill.

Ready? Register on the website, print your barcode, and come on out for the run!

Overall Results

Position Time Runner Gender
1 0:20:41 {friends_runner_first}'s photoBrian Wambaa
2 0:21:19 {friends_runner_first}'s photoTony Nguyen
3 0:22:01 {friends_runner_first}'s photoIan Karanja
4 0:22:11 {friends_runner_first}'s photoErik WaterlandMale
5 0:22:19 {friends_runner_first}'s photoEric DavisMale
6 0:24:47 {friends_runner_first}'s photoChristopher CavanaughMale
7 0:25:04 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJason Wennstrom
8 0:29:59 {friends_runner_first}'s photoChristine DiedrichFemale
9 0:30:00 {friends_runner_first}'s photoNicholas ZeitlerMale
10 0:31:31 {friends_runner_first}'s photoSarah CuttingFemale
11 0:31:59 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJennifer Wambaa
12 0:38:15 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJim GrahamMale
Volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoNathe (Creepy Cone Guy) LawverMale
Volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoAlicia LawverFemale
Volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoDerek P. YoungMale
Volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoJohn Diedrich
Volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoJohn HellmanMale
Volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoRob McNair-HuffMale

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