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Tacoma Runners is one of the largest and fastest growing local running communities in the country. Help us be strong and sustainable.


Tacoma Runners hosts more than 104 permitted events a year. Runners come from every corner of Pierce County and beyond including students, active duty military, new residents and old residents. We receive considerable press each year and have won awards from community organizations. Our costs have grown considerably since this club started in 2010. Interested in being a business sponsor? Do you want to help us buy coffee for our weekly volunteers? Do you want to help us pay our always-growing insurance bill? Talk to us!

Touring Tacoma

The run features a different bar or restaurant every week and has visited every corner of the city.

Every speed is represented

The run is a social run intended for people of all paces and abilities.

Rain or shine

To be a runner in Tacoma is to be a runner in the rain. There is no weather excuse.

An amazing community

The friendships that develop on the Thursday night runs are truly special.

Are you interested in learning more? Every messaging package is custom built to work with your needs. Contact us for details.



Tacoma Runners is made possible by the support of great people and organizations.

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