Thursday Beer Run

Join one of the most amazing running groups anywhere for an easy 3 miles in Tacoma. Locations vary. Great people are guaranteed.

Saturday 5k

A free timed 5k every Saturday morning. Print a barcode. Run. The best way to start the weekend off right.

Upcoming Tacoma Runners Events

Event Date Location
Saturday 5k for December 10, 2016 Saturday 12/10/2016 Point Defiance Route #1
Thursday Night Run from the North End Tavern Thursday 12/15/2016 Slappy's Garage - North End Tavern
Saturday 5k for December 17, 2016 Saturday 12/17/2016 Point Defiance Route #1
Thursday Night Run from Magoo’s Annex Thursday 12/22/2016 Magoo's Annex
Saturday 5k for December 24, 2016 Saturday 12/24/2016 Point Defiance Route #1